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Mr. Vaijayant PaliwalVaijayant Paliwal

Vaijayant is a practising advocate. He has assisted organisations and individuals in service areas such as Technology Law, Intellectual Property, Competition Law, Tax Litigation, Product Liability and Arbitration. Vaijayant also heads the independent Law Firm “HPACS Legal”

Vaijayant’s scope of practice before the Competition Commission has been varied as he has been involved not just as an advocate representing institutions being probed by the fair trade regulator but has also had the opportunity to assist the Competition regulator during its investigation, while acting on behalf of informants.

Vaijayant’s expertise lies in Technology Law and creation and exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights. Technology Law is still in its nascent stages of development, leveraging his experience in a variety of allied fields and litigation, Vaijayant assists clients in safeguarding their digital assets, Intellectual Property and securing compliance with the existing laws by taking recourse to other established legal fields such as Tort and Criminal Law, where the existing Technology Law(s) or their enforcement mechanisms fail to tackle the issues adequately.

Vaijayant and his team of advocates are committed to providing efficient and effective legal assistance.

Vaijayant can be contacted at: [email protected]