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International Secretarial Services
  • Our firm is specialized in preparing multi company multi jurisdictional compliances and secretarial services around the world.
  • The services are provided as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) model. However periodically personal business meetings are held to understand business of client and identifying most suitable solution to them. On site jobs are also carried out including to assist your staff by our professional team.

For U.K. based private and public companies
  • Incorporation of companies in U.K.
  • Statutory Filings of Forms and compliance of events in Companies House.
  • Maintaining Statutory Records on “Blueprint Software of ICSA” and generating reports instantly for the Board of Directors, Shareholders, and other investors. The pdf version is circulated instantly by email.
  • Preparation of Agenda and Minutes for Board Meetings and shareholders' meetings.
  • Advisory services on compliance / disclosures with London Stock Exchanges and AIM as per Listing Agreements.
  • Drafting of customized Board Resolutions for specific purposes.
  • Drafting of Minutes of Board and Shareholders Meetings.
  • Syndication of International Funds for the companies.
  • Finance & Accounts and Taxation jobs on business process outsourcing (BPO) model.

For U.S.A. based companies
  • Incorporation of companies in the described states only: New York, Connecticut, Delaware, California, San Francisco, Los Angles, New Jersey and Texas of U.S.A.
  • Annual Filings in the offices of Secretary of State, Departments of Business and other disclosure documents. Obtaining various company records as certified copies from the Secretary of State office.
  • Compliance and registration of documents with Securities Exchange Commission of US and relevant Stock Exchanges as per Listing Agreements.
  • Representing US companies in India, Malaysia and UK if they do have business interest in the countries.
  • Filings and amendments of state corporate documents related to qualifications to do business and compliance with state escheat laws.
  • Management of shareholders relations and related kinds of assistance to the Management of the company.
  • Organizing and maintain corporate records.
  • Organizing Board Meetings on Video Conferencing and drafting of Minutes of Board and Shareholders Meetings and circulating them instantly.
  • Syndication of International Funds for the companies.
  • Finance, Accounts and Taxation jobs on business process outsourcing (BPO) model.

For Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore based Companies
  • Formation of Offshore & International companies in the host countries through associate partners.
  • Statutory compliance under the Companies or Corporation Acts of respective countries.
  • Maintenance of statutory records under the respective Laws of the countries. We use “ Oneworld Blueprint” Software of UK which generates instant statutory records of multi jurisdictions for MNCs
  • Advice on Corporate Affairs matters.
  • Syndication of International Funds for the companies.