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Guidance and Advice to the Directors
  • Initial guidance and advice to such directors in discharging their responsibilities as Professional Independent Directors.

Liability Audit of Directors
  • Due diligence and assurance service by carrying out "Directors Liability Audit" for individuals serving as Independent Directors.

Board Evaluation and Directors Evaluation Services
  • The Companies Act 2013 of India has served to enhance the practices of Board of Directors of Indian Companies and brought them at par with practices which are regarded high globally. Introducing concepts like “Board Evaluation” and “Directors performance evaluation” in the statute itself is a bold step in the right direction. In our capacity as an Independent professional service provider we assist companies by ensuring compliance under the following provisions:
    • Section 134 (3) (p) of the Companies Act 2013 prescribes that a statement is to be included in the Directors Report stating that a formal annual evaluation by the Board of its own performance and that of its committees and individual directors has been carried out.
    • Section 178 (2) of the Companies Act 2013, requires the Nomination & Remuneration Committee, to carry out performance evaluation of every director of the company.
    • SEBI w.e.f 01st, October 2014 has revised the terms of the Listing Agreement. The revised terms mandate periodic performance evaluation and mentoring of Independent directors.

Training Program for Non-Executive Directors
  • Our Practical Course of One Day is designed to Increase Effectiveness as a Non-Executive Director.

During the one day the following topics will be covered:
  • Corporate Governance – The Compliance Issues
  • Financial Literacy for Directors
  • Driving Financial Performance
  • Emerging Role of Independent Directors in the Boardroom
  • Leadership for Maximizing Effectiveness and Accountability of Corporate Boards
  • Corporate Transformation and Risk Management
  • Strategy Execution and Performance Monitoring using Balanced Scorecard
  • Leading Change, Creativity and Innovation
  • Sustainability-Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility
  • Sensitizing Board Directors- Organizational dynamics, Communication, Business Negotiations and Influencing skills for Boardroom
  • Role of Company Secretary to support the Board
  • Learning into Practice (Simulation of Real Boardroom)
  • Chairing the Board & Board Committees

The Companies Act 2013 of India has completely changed the working environment of companies and it’s Board of Directors. Independent Directors, Women Directors, and small Shareholders’ Directors are some new classes of directorship envisioned in the Statute itself. The demand for dynamic, visionary & futuristic board members has increased substantially in India and so has the need for proper training to equip them to cope up with the rigorous competition. A Board which does not perform well and works with a lackadaisical attitude can translate into a liability for the company. In the presently circumstances when the Companies Act, 2013 itself dictates the composition of the Board it is pertinent that the statutorily appointed directors are also given adequate training in the functioning of the Board. Untrained Directors expose the company to perils which may lead to criminal prosecutions, steep fines along with loss of reputation of such directors themselves and of the company. Collective responsibilities of the full Board towards the stakeholders is a concept which is at the core of the new corporate business environment.

Who should attend?

In the background of the above paragraph this brief one day mentoring program has been designed to give non-executive directors or potential directors an opportunity to hone their skills to be an effective and valuable director for their respective companies. The mentoring program considers and discusses the role of a non-executive director in a relaxed atmosphere, while being led by experienced board members. The objective being, that participants will obtain a clear understanding of their duties and be aware about their rights. The following categories of persons would find the course to their benefit:

  • Non-executive board members
  • New non-executive directors as part of their induction training
  • Individuals available to take on non-executive responsibilities
  • Chairpersons of board and board committees
  • Company secretaries responsible for serving boards and their members. Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) as defined under section 2 (51) of The Companies Act 2013, i.e. Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Company Secretaries and other Executive Directors, keen to maximize the contribution of their board members.

The delivery of the course is suitably modified depending on the audience. The thrust might be on management of the board of a listed company, unlisted company as well as members of boards of government companies or other entities.

The program is also intended for chairmen, chief executives, company secretaries and professional advisors who are involved in ensuring that non-executive board members have every opportunity to be effective.

Interactive Approach:

A feature of this one day is the use of mini case studies as part of most sessions. The sessions provide ample opportunities to discuss realistic situations which typically arise in real world scenarios. One day are decidedly interactive, providing the participants a stage to benefit from debate and learning from sharing experiences.

How to attend the course:
1. Online via Video Conferencing.
2. Onsite physically, in the Board Room in a batch of maximum ten participants from your city.
3. To contact send your query at email: [email protected] or call at: +91-11-43034750

Please click here to download the "Directors Training Brochure"

Profile of Independent Directors
  • We maintain data bank of professionals in all walks of life willing to serve as Independent Directors on the Boards of various companies or the Governing Bodies of various commercial, social and other statutory bodies in India & abroad.
  • Senior Professionals in any discipline are invited to send their structured CV to Mr. Hemant Paliwal, Director at: [email protected] we understand that maintaining confidentiality of your CV is the essence of our relationship with you.