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Corporate Legal Services of India served to North American Companies in New York
20 Nov 2013

American companies are being provided corporate legal Services of India at their doorsteps locally in New York by HPACS Consulting of New Delhi and its Subsidiary “HPACS Consulting (UK) Ltd” of London. This local availability is helpful to all American Corporations having their business interests in India and UK.

HPACS a Corporate & Legal firm, being Chartered Secretaries in Public Practice in UK and Practicing Company Secretary in India, for the last 15 years. The firm is assisting a number of American, European MNCs and large Indian companies in India. Whether American companies wish to set up a new branch or subsidiary or  seeking  assistance for their existing Indian arm on its commercial or legal claims or simply any assurance and compliance issues, HPACS is available locally in New York

The American and the Canadian companies may explore various services being offered at website of HPACS:  or simply listen Video Presentation on its home page.

If any special customized Corporate Legal services of India are required in New York  simply call at their New York Tel No: 212 8459624 or email at : [email protected] ; within 2 hours to 24 hours   ( due to different time Zones ) American companies would get their answers.